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Real Estate is growing and spreading its wings all around. Real Estate of India aims in providing the best deals, be it services or the offers to the consumers. Since the number of investors are increasing, Real Estate Gurgaon is trying to offer the best in the industry so that investors could have faith in it. The builders of Real Estate are showing their contribution by introducing new offers for the investors and in this race, the builder M3M has raised the standards high.

M3M has launched an offer named “Exchange Your Stuck Property or M3M PYP (Port Your Property) with M3M Residential or Commercial Property in Gurgaon”. This offer has really left the investors astonished as it is one of its kind offers, providing the best features. Under Exchange Your Stuck Property with M3M Residential or Commercial Property in Gurgaon offer, Clients who need to upgrade or trade their properties with any of the projects of M3M against any of their Delhi / NCR Property for the plan.

Not only this, there are some rules too that are to be followed. Minimum investment that is to be done must be 2.5 times of the disputed capital. With this the further procession would be done. The customer needs to pay half of the property estimation less the contested measure of the property with M3M upfront and half of the remaining amount during the time of possession. This further sustains the trust of investors in the builder with the genuine sense of satisfaction.

Some points that are to be remembered during the investments are as follows.
  • The application sum will be 10% Along with duplicate papers of the property.
  • The instalment plan under this plan will be 50:50.
  • The guaranteed profit will be given for the instalment made upfront to M3M i.e. Half of significant worth less contested sum @10% P.A.
  • Original papers of the contested property will be kept at M3M at the hour of booking affirmation.