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Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Geetanjali Care

Geetanjali Homestate has always been a blast socially. Its social life and responsibilities have been a town discussion of all the time. Many social events are organized occasionally or randomly.

We are stepping forward in helping the needy and poor. Our company has distributed sanitary napkins, and holi with the needy. Reforestation drive, feeding the poor, eye checkup camp, and blanket distribution.

Geetanjali Homestate feels so delighted to be socially active and help everyone. You can also feel well pleased to be a social activist by joining the Geetanjali family and growing in your life ahead.


“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something”- Barack Obama

At Geetanjali Homestate we believe that it is very important to give back to the society we thrive in. With a vision to support the underprivileged sections and to make this world a better place, we are taking small but effective steps to create a stronger corporate conscience. There are so many issues to address such as education, sanitation, healthcare, and environmental protection. We are taking one step at a time towards the society, people, and the planet.

Branched off and move to what's right by giving what we can! (17/03/2022)

Unequivocal celebration of the beautiful festival Holi

Geetanjali Reforestation Drive- (01/11/2019)

We planted hundreds of trees across Delhi/NCR to make the city more breathable for future generations. Mango saplings, air-purifying plants, and trees that have medical benefits.

Feeding the Poor- (01/11/2019)

Going by the quote- “If You can’t feed a 100 people, then feed just one”, we went to some of the underprivileged areas of the city for pizza distribution.

Eye-Checkup Camp- (Upcoming)

Eye problems are very common in India but everyone does not have the resources to get the right help. We set up a free eye-check camp for the underprivileged people.

Geetanjali Care – Blanket Distribution