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It is a truth universally acknowledged that the smallest of the changes in trends ask for massive changes in the way people have been taking decisions about the most important things in their lives. Ever since the corona has subsided, people are now gradually but certainly moving towards the more luxurious lifestyles. Interestingly, it is not only the elite class, but also the people coming from the middle strata of the society who are now more ambitious when it comes to finding residential solutions for themselves. It is quite evident that a lot of people are showing interest in buying ultramodern properties with great facilities and people aren't as bothered about budgets, as the probably were about a decade ago.

If the recent spurt in the purchase of luxury properties is to be considered, astronomical prices in Mumbai are to be seen. People would agree that India’s wealthy class has been investing in this segment, particularly post-pandemic. Not only do the NRIs and major corporations join the race for luxury living, but even the high salaried individuals and top executives are moving towards investing in luxury properties. The reasons for the same are quite obvious: people do not want to compromise and because of the affordability and the security with which the luxurious properties and the ultra premium rental spaces and apartments are available these days makes it easier for people to invest in them without any second thoughts.

Moreover, what needs to be highlighted here is that the better properties you own, the more will be the appreciation prices when you want to sell them further or want to put them on rent. Considering the same, nowadays, people not only want bigger spaces, but also better ones. By better, we mean a home with all the essential facilities and all the services available within the premises of the properties themselves. If the most major sectors of Gurgaon are considered, It can be evidently observed that most of the commercial as well as residential properties are well equipped with all the contemporary facilities with international touch.

Surely enough, homes are not only spaces for only living. People now only don’t want luxury kitchens and bathrooms, but are also expanding its definition by contemplating the idea of having a workout area, swimming pool, office areas,and study within the residential properties themselves. People are now looking for houses that can also develop as an office in the times to come. Given the fact that now a lot of people are moving to hybrid work culture, or absolutely work from home culture, it is important to have a spacious house. Even the NRIs believe that this is an interesting idea and are investing in the same with full conviction.

People are preferring locations which are closer to international schools, hospitals, and financial institutions. Gurgaon is considered to be a preferred destination for NRIs especially as the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon has a mix of villas in multi-storey projects that can attract the high end property buyers. Another reason why Gurgaon is emerging as a Central Business District is because the State government of Haryana has been taking legal steps to tie-up with consultations, makers, and stakeholders. All of these factors are together combining to encourage people to invest in luxury retail and apartments as they are certainly going to be the future of investments.

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