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Kitty Su Delhi

Sector 15, Delhi 80 - 1478 Sq. Ft. ₹ On Request

Kitty Su, Sector 15, Delhi


Kitty Su is a luxurious nightclub chain in India with locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, and Kolkata. Kitty Su Delhi is known for its sophisticated atmosphere, all-night DJ parties, and private event options. The club plays the hottest and latest tracks in electronic dance music, ranging from House, Techno, Commercial, and Dubstep. Kitty Su Sector 15 is known for its vibrant and eclectic atmosphere, establishing itself as a premier destination for nightlife enthusiasts and partygoers. With a strict dress code, Kitty Su in Delhi offers a luxurious and trendy nightclub experience.


  • Strategically located at a prime location with everything at your fingertips.
  • 24-hour round-the-clock enhanced security.
  • Connected Common Area Illumination and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Latest electronic dance music and all-night DJ parties.
  • Multiple areas within the club for different purposes such as: an "A" List area called "The List", "The Salon" which is a mini nightclub within the nightclub, and a Champagne Lounge referred to as "The Dressing Room". Private event options are available too.
  • Spacious lobbies.
  • Visually stunning and immersive experience, design and performances creating a dramatic atmosphere.
  • Avant-Garde making it fashion-forward and pushing boundaries, known for its unique style and design.
  • Pulse quickening as the energetic and exciting atmosphere of the club, where the music and vibe get your heart racing.


  • Food court.
  • Landscape garden.
  • Bar lounge.
  • 24/7 security.
  • CCTV surveillance.
  • Visitor’s parking.
  • Live music.
  • Professional staff service.
  • Parking and Valet Services.

Location Advantages

  • Kitty Su in Sector 15 is situated in a prime location making it accessible for both locals and tourists.
  • Proximity to luxury hotels wherein guests can conveniently access luxurious accommodations, dining options, and other hotel amenities.
  • The nightclub is well-connected to major transportation hubs, including airports, railway stations, and metro stations, ensuring hassle-free commutes for visitors.
  • Located near popular entertainment and shopping districts, allowing guests to enjoy a variety of activities before or after their visit to the club.
  • The nightclub is situated in upscale neighborhoods, providing a safe and sophisticated environment for partygoers.
  • Close to major business and corporate hubs makes Kitty Su Sector 15 a popular choice for corporate parties, events, and after-work gatherings.
  • The club is located near various fine dining restaurants and cafes, allowing guests to enjoy a gourmet meal before or after their night out.

About the Builder

The developers of Kitty Su have masterfully crafted a nightlife experience that seamlessly blends luxury, entertainment, and cultural diversity. Their visionary approach has transformed Kitty Su into an iconic destination in India's nightlife scene. With a commitment to inclusivity, top-notch service, and innovative design, they have created a space that welcomes and celebrates diversity. By strategically positioning Kitty Su in Delhi in prime locations and continuously evolving their offerings, they have set a new standard for nightlife excellence. The developers' dedication to providing an unparalleled experience ensures that Kitty Su remains a beloved and influential part of India's vibrant nightlife culture