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With all conviction and assurance, total investments in real estate are expected to rise by 5-10% in 2022 in order to scale itself back to the pre-pandemic times. The gross office space might bounce back to 22% of the overall hold on the retail spaces. Leasing has never been so easy and so efficient! Needless to say, 2022 has a plethora of benefits for the people who are interested in making the right choices for themselves at the right time.

First of all, it is important for all of us to understand that collectively, both the businessmen and investors are now easily comfortable with the fact that investments in the long run only reap benefits. What one needs is patience to be able to endure the instability that the sector might sometimes reflect. We're certainly living in an age where people do have passive source of income. It is definitely not a wise idea for everyone to invest in real estate sector with their primary source of income, but if someone has a passive source to generate wealth, it becomes possible to make investments today to reap benefits tomorrow. With improved financial status, people obviously become more aspirational and ambitious.

Real Estate stakeholders are also becoming quite tech savvy now! They know exactly how to stay on the top of the game! Everyone who is into bidding and investing now has this necessary prerequisite fulfilled. People now-a-days know how to stay updated with a single tap and that enables them to make the right choices in the timely manner. Real Estate giants are open to using AR, Virtual Reality and Blockchains in order to comprehend the dynamics of the market more comprehensively. All of these factors are helping the sector grow firmer and stronger with each passing day! It is also imperative for us to understand that the policies have become quite relaxed when compared with

the last few decades. The infrastructural development and the industrial growth can hence work hand in hand. It would therefore be not wrong to deduce that the Data Center, logistics and manufacturing industries are going to reap the maximum benefits. Another factor that has helped the Real Estate Sector crack the code is its acceptance to the alternate modes of doing investments. Flexible spaces of REITs and rental housing are two of the major upsurges that have been consistently defining the outline at which the sector has to be consolidated and strengthened in the times to come.

If the present reports are to be taken in consideration, one can say that despite regular tumults and downward curves in the recent past, the sector has become immune to the onslaught of the time. Growth projections look promising now and it is definitely moving upwards now. It would not be a wonder when it will emerge as a solid backing on which the global economy can rest confidently and can further enhance the chances of boom in the same sector in the times to come as well.

There are a lot of other things that one has to take full cognizance of. First of all, when people tie up with other people while investing, they do a thorough research of their past as well. If the deals in the past had been fruitful, it is only then when people will show their trust on the existing investors. The whole process lately has become very transparent and it is not easy to deceive anyone when it comes to monitoring the transaction. This has become a very useful step and has decreased the chances of any corruptible step or malpractices. It is quite obvious that when people can trust the people they are working with and have legal assistance in case anything goes wrong, they not only try to expand their own horizons in terms of investing and buying, but also encourage their friends and peers as well. In this entire process, the winner definitely is the real estate market.

What is now expected from the government is that while it continues to allow the real estate sector to boom, it should also take in consideration the fact that sustainability is the key and it should be identified and addressed as one of the most dominant concerns. In the recent past, the entire world has witnessed multiple environmental hazards due to which all the sectors had suffered immeasurably. As sensible and responsible citizens, it is our responsibility to make sure that while we continue to climb the ladder of financial security by owning properties, we take care of investing in only verified properties. Once these parameters are taken into consideration, there is definitely no looking back for the real estate market in India!