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32nd Avenue Milestone, situated in Gurgaon is a well-known landmark as it is standing still since the year 1990.

Buy commercial property in 32nd Avenue Miletone

With passing time, changes accepted by this commercial property be it in amenities, design, or the name itself. 32nd Milestone is now as 32nd Avenue. This commercial property has its charm and authenticity that make it stand out from the crowd.

32nd avenue milestone

The property has the best services that one could ever get however, this is the reason why the 32nd milestone awarded. the title of Best Food/Entertainment Hub in Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2020, 17th Edition. Gurgaon, being a millennial city is helping boost the popularity of 32nd Avenue after that this commercial property has a lot to offer to the people living in this city.

The property stands apart for its one-of-a-kind appeal through its interesting Brownstone enlivened engineering, loaning a vintage feel. The motivation has drawn intensely on the abilities of neighborhood Indian expert skilled workers. Inside the spaces of stone cutting, wood specifying, produced iron, and complex mortar forming. Which seen again and again in present-day structures. The arranging finish by modeler Savita Punde while the metal works finished by world-renowned fabricator craftsman Andy Thornton and lighting and façade by New York-based firm AWA Lighting.

Some of the offerings are mentioned below in the form of highlights and amenities.

  • 32nd Milestone situated in Gurgaon fondly presents the crafts however, Wood enumerating, cast iron, and stone cutting.
  • The section of Food and Beverages widely brought similarly into the modification and more restaurants and cafes built.
  • In addition of 32nd Avenue Milestone Gurgaon manages to keep the vintage vibes keep going with the flow.
  • The metalwork of 32nd avenue have done by the world-famous fabricator specialist, Andy Thornton and lighting and facade to New York-based firm AWA Lighting.
  • A proper and scheduled sanitization is being ready to ensure safety.
  • This commercial property enhances the scope for office spaces, retail shops, and cafes.

Some of the offerings are mentioned below in the form of highlights and amenities.

  • Above all Indira Gandhi International Airport is just 25 minutes away from the 32nd Avenue Milestone sector 15.
  • The theatre setting named the kingdom of dreams takes only a few minutes to reach from this commercial property.
  • Shopping and craftsmanship area Delhi Haat INA takes only 34 minutes away from 32nd Avenue. 32nd Avenue Milestone sector 15.
  • The historical monument Qutub Minar takes only a half an hour drives from this commercial property