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Luxury Real Estate Market: Soaring High in 2022-23

After all the ups and downs that we have collectively seen as a society after the onslaught of the Corona pandemic, people have been really apprehensive about investing their money in properties. However, if the recent surveys are to be believed, people are now gradually becoming more optimistic and open to the idea of investing their money in the real estate sector. If the survey conducted by HNI is to be believed, the ultra rich investors are showing their explicit interest in investing in the property segment of over five crores.

It is quite interesting to understand here that before the coronavirus and immediately after the same, the ultra rich investors were only interested in investing in properties for personal use, and not for appreciation or ROI purposes. Because of the unstable times, it was perhaps one of the wisest things to do, but now people are again becoming open to the idea of investing their money for the purpose of gaining profit. The trend has already begun to show its manifestations in Vasant Vihar and Southern Delhi region and will surely soon reach the other parts of the country as well.

One also needs to take cognizance of the fact that the high net worth individuals have made the use of short term stamp duty waiver offers timely and had managed to save a significant amount in standard stamp charges. Additionally, it is important to mention here that the high net worth investors are only interested in investing in properties that are branded and established as they do not want to run into any trouble because of procedural flaws and loopholes from the developers' end : something which is quite a regular occasion with new developers in the industry flourishing every now and then.

Also, interestingly, more than the local residents of India themselves, the NRIs are more interested in investing in properties that are more commercial in nature and they are more open to the idea of keeping their money invested for a longer duration of time to reap short-term as well as long term goals and profits. Moreover, the luxury market investors are reaping the benefits of low interest rates and also willing the loans to invest in properties of high-value. The dominant reason of returning to the luxury market is low return in traditional investment instruments such as gold, fixed deposits, or equity market,for that matter.

There is no doubt about the fact that the real estate industry has higher rate of returns, in addition to being the least volatile of all the traditional methods of investments and that is why the luxury industry is growing by leaps and bounds and is now ready to expand its reach in all the major hotspots of India in the times to come.

If you’re also someone who have some extra assets and money to invest and are not able to identify the right kind of property to put your money into a stable use that will not only bring you short term perks, but would also create new avenues of income for you, you can get in touch with Geetanjali Homestates Private Limited, a Real Estate Company with more than nine years of active experience in the industry of the Real Estate. Explore the domain of the luxury market now and invest your money mindfully when the time is right and ripe.