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Gurgaon is popularly known as Gurugram, one of the exquisite cities in the country with over 0.87 million residents. It is located in the northern state of Haryana, India around 30kms southwest of Delhi.

This splendid city is a hub for call centers and has captivated many international and multinational companies to its locale. Also, eminent companies like Google, BMW, and others have their office space in Gurgaon on rent or of their own.

There are nearly 26 malls housed in the neighborhood. It is well connected to different cities through national highways. Also, the Indira Gandhi International Airport is just located on the outskirts of Gurugram, near National Highway 8. Universities like the Gurugram University, North Cap University, ApeejayStya are also situated here. Many foreign investors have put their funds on different sites of Gurgaon, making it the best place for commercial use.

What is a workspace referred to?

Office jobs involve a large variety of both physical and mental activities, and out of these, the core activities of any office job are likely to take place on the desk or at the workstation. These workstations are referred to as workspace.

Together with this, there are many other factors on which a type of workspace depends, varying from person to person. Also, the modern workspace is a multi-functional and inter-modal space where an organization or teamwork, building an office environment that accommodates users for a desired span of time.

Some of the common questions which strike our mind while looking for a workspace are-

  • Firstly, Does the workspace provide you required privacy?
  • Secondly, Is there access to natural sunlight or not?
  • Thirdly, Can an employee personalize his\her own private workspace?
  • Next, Is there room for furniture?
  • Also, Any space for storage?
  • Lastly, Is there a separate conference room for private meetings?

The solution to all these common problems is to own your private space with Geetanjali Homestate. We highlight some of the best office spaces for rent in Gurgaon, making you mold a home for your business with your own private office space.

We assure quality and all necessary amenities from WiFi to furniture so that you can drive your business forward smoothly in the right direction. Thus, here you can find the best office spaces on rent with all your stipulations to suit the unique needs of your business. We offer you a number of different office space options to provide you the best deal you aspire for.

Why put funds into rental commercial spaces?

The commercial property provides you an advantage of both appreciation and recurring your income. When you have your own space for office, you have an access to various provisions and can enjoy the pride of proprietorship. The most colossal reason to invest in commercial property is its potential; the increased margins could even help you grow your holdings faster.

There is a lot of versatility both in what you can invest and where you can do it. What is, even more, better than having your own private space for commercial use, when you can get an office for rent? Why consult others when you can the best deals with Geetanjali Homestate.

Moreover, having your own office space has always been a wish we crave, and not having enough funds to invest in it is common for every startup. So here is an option for you to have the satisfaction of working in your space.

Also, setting your commercial space on a rental basis is a good option for you, as it helps you to regulate rent flows through revenues. Right from getting all the necessary amenities to the best infrastructure, we provide you with a workspace that you ever imagined.

Geetanjali Homestate presents you with the most fascinating options when you are looking up office spaces for rent in Gurgaon. Here you tend to see the properties on which you can completely rely, without having a single doubt.

Reasons to prefer Geetanjali Homestate to get an office space for rent in Gurgaon-

  • Best amenities: Acquiring a space for an office where you can avail the best amenities that you look for. You can now enjoy your work with all the required facilities provided by us.
  • Lively locations: Enjoy the best bustling locations in the city of Gurgaon to make your work more productive. Meanwhile, these locations attract a lot of clients or companies, making a cooked deal for you.
  • Proper connectivity: Easy connectivity to Delhi and many other places to lubricate your transport facilities. Also, having proper access to other localities and nearby cities makes your workspace a well-connected center for trade.
  • Ideal location for smooth journeys: This allows you to have your untroubled journeys from Gurgaon to different cities connecting you through various national highways. You can travel to your destinations smoothly in a short span of time. Additionally, with this prominent connectivity, you don’t have to possess a second thought for driving your far destinations.
  • Assured quality: Not only Facilitates you with the polished quality promised by us. But also, the best quality equipment like doors, windows, etc will never give you a chance to complain or have the benefit of the doubt.
  • Promised maintenance: Well-maintained spaces with no faults. Well-maintained office space to provide a trustworthy relationship between us.

Office space for rent in Gurgaon

Looking up a commercial office space for rent in Gurgaon? Then what could be better than acquiring your space through Geetanjali Homestate? Here are some of the common attributes that we bestow.

  • Private workspace: We give you access to your own private workspace where you can enjoy your work with no troubles.
  • Conference hall: The most important thing in any business is a meeting or conference of different team members to work upon a unique solution. We provide you with a separate conference room or a hall where you can bestow your private meetings without any disturbance.
  • Furnished halls: Providing you with the efficient style and design for maximum operability and constructive visuals.
  • Services included: Useful services like cleaning, maintenance, telecommute and WiFi are all included in a simple monthly cost.
  • Beautifully tiled washrooms: Hygienic washrooms with modern architecture tiled beautifully to the minimalist style.
  • Flexible terms: Best for teams or associations that do not want to commit along term lease.
  • Fixed rents: Simple monthly installments with no additional or unpredictable cost other than the rent.
  • Easy shift-in: You can be in your own private office space as soon as you want. You can be sitting on your desk doing your work in just 2-3 days.

Geetanjali Homestate provides you plenty of properties that you can access for your office space in Gurgaon. We have a variety of furnished office spaces in Gurgaon to deliver you the most comfortable experience.

All the office spaces provided by us are tailored to enhance your work and make it more convenient. Provide you with energy-efficient air conditioning in all chambers and high-efficiency tools that lower energy consumption.

Office spaces for rent in some of the main localities of Gurgaon

Though the whole Gurgaon is a central hub for all multinational companies, Geetanjali Homestate offers you office space in some of the prime locations in Gurgaon.

  • Office space for rent in Gurgaon Sohna road: Sohna road is of the chief locations in the south of Gurgaon, the micro-market of Sohna road reclines from Rajiv chowk near NH48 Gurgaon to Sohna city in the south. The entire sectors neighborhood to this road are developing providing you the best atmosphere for your office space.
  • Office space for rent MG Road Gurgaon: The national highway 148A or the MG road is one of the main commercial fulcrums of Gurgaon. Connectivity to DLF city and many software companies is the major reason behind the growth of the commercial sector in MG road. This road is popularly termed as the mall road of Gurgaon possessing good eating joints, cinema theaters, and shopping complexes.
  • Office space for rent in Udyog Vihar Gurgaon: With the best road quality Udyog Vihar is one of the popular localities of Gurgaon. It is referred to as the industrial estate of Gurgaon, having more than 1000 industrial and commercial setups.

Move into your offices and get to the work straight away with the most alluring facilities and enjoy your working. Now with Geetanjali Home state customize your way or work in your own style.

How much space do we need?

Now you can acquire the size of the property as per your demand, making it sizable to your requirements. And if, there is no clear-cut answer to how much space is required? The answer may depend upon various factors like the nature of work, cultural aspects, corporate climate, and individual perception.

The allocation for the size of working space is complex and it is hard to mention standards that would apply to every type of workplace.

  • Small Office Space: Having a startup or a small business, want to acquire a small space for rent to magnify your business? Here is providing you with numerous options to live your dream with low budgets to secure your dreams. You can now look for small office space for rent in Gurgaon.
  • Large Office Space: Want to have a large office space to fit your requisites? We provide you with a cluster of options to look upon and choose according to your desired wish. Large space offices help you get a spacious place for your trading. You can now choose from us for large office space for rent in Gurgaon.
  • Furnished and Modular Office Space: Who doesn’t want to have a commercial space with the blend of best architecture and design? With all the necessary facilities, a furnished office space would be a perfect solution for you. Avail your eye-catchy space by having a furnished office space for rent in Gurgaon.
  • Serviced Office Space: These private or serviced offices space aims to act as growth partners for your members from their beginner stage and help them focus on their core business. These office spaces provide flexible workspace from a dedicated work desk to a hard-working environment that supports clients to operate their business without massive startup revenues and overhead costs.

About the dealer

Geetanjali Homestate is one of the leading and well-known real estate development companies in Delhi NCR. Many of the best architectures of the company are a proving example of its deliverance. When it comes to fascinating architectures and designed models Geetanjali Homestate stands on the top.

We provide you a unique opportunity to invest in a prime industrial asset with a marquee tenant and sites located in the major industrial hubs. Also, we provide you with the best office spaces for rent in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR tailored to your unique business needs, specially designed for you. Have your furnished private workspace set up and ready to use with everything is taken care of.

We provide you office spaces for rent with the friendly on-site support team. Besides investing in properties we also provide various residential sites as well as commercial sites on rent.