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New commercial projects in Gurgaon

What is a commercial property?

Commercial property refers to a building that households business, or a place where business activities are carried out. It can also be termed as land used to generate profits, as well as large residential rental properties. The classification of a property as a commercial property has insinuations for how it is financed, how it is taxed, and how the laws are applied to it. It includes all the major categories you probably expect like retail shops, office buildings, industrial warehouses, food courts, gyms, hospitals, etc.

Why invest in commercial properties in Gurgaon?

• High-income potential

The prime and the main motive to invest in commercial real estate is simply its potential. Commercial projects in Gurgaon come with higher price tags and rents through tenants and thus gives us higher returns too. It’s always more profitable when you invest in a commercial project rather than a residential project. You can earn even more money through commercial properties than renting a residential property.

• Plenty of investment opportunities

Commercial real estate investmentoperates the gamut- you can invest in small-scale commercial shops in Gurgaon to high-rise properties for your office purpose in Gurgaon. There is a lot of flexibility in where you can invest and what you can invest. There are plenty of best commercial projects in Gurgaon, where you can invest your funds and yield higher returns on your assets.

• Best location

Location is the most important factor for your commercial space and in Gurgaon, you can avail all the properties in prime locations. This helps you attract a lot of visitors and locals to visit your property. Whether you are running a business in an office space or you running your commercial shop in Gurgaon, the location always plays an important role.

•Attractive returns

Institutional and private investors have been long-term investors in commercial real estate because of their prolonged higher returns. Real estate returns are attractive compared to traditional alternative investments in stocks, bonds, and other sectors.

. Asset appreciation

Real estate investments ultimately increase in value over a period of time. This appreciation can be from increasing rents or from the market’s valuing the asset higher than it was when you invested. Investors have the chance to boost their overall investment return by cashing in on property appreciation or a capital gain once the asset is sold. Property values hikes and fall during market cycles, which makes timing the exit tactics, an expository aspect of maximizing an investor’s asset value.

. Cash flows

Real estate investments often supply consistent cash flow with solid income disbursed to investors monthly, quarterly, or annually. Gurgaon’s Landmark Properties equity investments comprises of purchasing a passive, minority ownership stake in a solid asset, such as an office outlet, industrial or multifamily building. High occupancies and rising rentals conventionally deliver what most owners/investors seek—steady or rising cash flow over time. You can enjoy your regular cash flows over a period of time; this is one of the prime advantages of investing in commercial real estate in Gurgaon.

. Run your own business

The best way to grow financially is to run your own business, no matter small or big. Here is the best chance to invest in the best commercial projects in Gurgaon after the pandemic. It is also the best option for people in their senior years to secure their retirement.

Commercial real estate in Gurgaon comes with vast options to choose from, you can choose according to your wish that where you want to invest in Gurgaon? And what type of property do you want to invest in Gurgaon? There are many prominent and promising developers that bestow you with the top-notch jaw-dropping commercial properties in Gurgaon. Among all these developers, Dlf commercial projects in Gurgaon and Emaar commercial projects in Gurgaon are the one of the best investments you can put your funds into. DLF commercial projects in Gurgaon DLF Cybercity Gurgaon spread over 13.2 million sq. ft., is the largest business district with commercial office space offered on lease in Gurgaon. At the core of the office, space business lays customer- centricity and sustainability; therefore, all DLF Cybercity offices including another office project Pan India are LEED-certified by US Green Building Council under operations and maintenance. Dlf is India’s first real estate organization to have been endowed with the prestigious ‘Sword of Honor’ by the British Safety Council for consistently elevating the highest standards of Safety across our premises. Dlf has delivered the most ravishing and bewitching commercial projects in Gurgaon and is the most trusted developer to rely on. When it comes to quality and luxury, Dlf is one of the leading builders in the country.

Some of the elegant Dlf commercial projects in Gurgaon-

1.DLF central Arcade

DLF central arcade is one of the well-known and old properties in Gurgaon. It is located in Dlf city phase II, Gurgaon. This elegant property offers solutions for retails from all industries, right from food restaurants to gifting and gadgets as well as practical office spaces. This property is a central attraction for the visitors and the locale right from the school going youngsters to business influentials. It has designated areas for banks and ATMs and has a 100% power backup facility. There is a sufficient area for car parking of visitors as well as shop owners.

2.DLF building 10

DLF Building 10 is one of the commercial developments of Dlf offices. This property offers office spaces and retail shops at a very affordable price. It is located in the Dlf phase III sector 25, Gurgaon. It is just at a walkable distance of 2 minutes from the nearby metro station. The site is well connected by different modes of transportation and is in close proximity to various civic and basic utilities. There is convinient access via the uninterrupted 16-lane expressway connecting MG Road, Airport, Golf Course Road, and NH-8,. The building complex houses Fortune almost 500 companies and food courts.

3.DLF infinity towers

DLF infinity towers are one of the spacious and ravishing commercial properties of Dlf offices. It offers spacious and luxurious office spaces that are lavishly designed. DLF infinity towers are located in the DLF city phase II, Gurgaon. This beautiful property is well equipped with all the basic and necessary amenities. It has a good public transportation facility and is a center of attraction to many of the visitors. It has a multi-level car parking system and a huge entrance. It bestows a 100 MW power supply and backup. It is strategically located to have flawless connectivity through various main roads.

4.Dlf epitome

Dlf epitome is one of the bewitching commercial properties by Dlf offices. It is strategically located just off the National Highway-8 and in close proximity to the airport. DLF Epitome, a LEED Platinum Certified building, is promptly subjoined through the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway. An integrated technology park that offers state of deluxe amenities and facilities to software and IT corporations. Dlf epitome bestows you with a fine professional workspace. Rapid metro station is just in front of the building, which connects you with the Delhi metro too. It provides you with a 9 level car parking system. It is one of the best Dlf commercial projects in Gurgaon.

5.Dlf nestle house

Dlf nestle house is one of the constructed projects of Dlf and nestle. This jaw-dropping commercial property is located in Dlf city phase II, Gurgaon. It has a beautiful design and bestows you with all the basic and civic amenities. It has excellent connectivity to many prominent areas and is a center of attraction for many of the visitors. This property offers a professional workspace to carry out your work in a designated manner. This building is earthquake-resistant. Separate passenger elevators and service elevators are been installed in every block of this property.

Emaar commercial projects in Gurgaon

Emaar is one of the leading and trusted builders of Gurgaon. Emaar Properties is one of the most reputed, commended and trustworthy real estate development companies in Gurgaon. With proven and verified competencies in properties, shopping malls & retail, and hospitality & leisure, Emaar shapes new lifestyles with a targets on design excellence, build quality, luxury, and timely delivery. All the properties built by Emaar have a unique blend of aesthetic designs and world-class architecture. Emaar commercial projects in Gurgaon are one the most luxurious and top-class properties. Some of the luxurious Emaar commercial projects in Gurgaon.

1.Emaar commercial projects in Gurgaon

Emaar SCO business district is one of the unique commercial properties of Emaar. This delightful property is located in sector 65, Gurgaon. It has a unique and vibrant shop cum office (SCO) space concept. It has a well-known top-class infrastructure and convenient ample parking facility. Connected excellently to Delhi and Faridabad. Located on the golf course extension road, which is the epicenter of Gurgaon. This property bestows you with office spaces and skillfully designed commercial shops in Gurgaon.

2.Emaar Colonnade

Emaar MGF Colonnade is one of the ravishing Emaar commercial projects in Gurgaon. It is located in sector 66, golf extension road, Gurgaon. This property offers office spaces and commercial shops in Gurgaon at a very affordable and competitive price. This property bestows you with all the basic and necessary amenities and has a 24*7 power backup facility too. A convenient location that is in proximity to nearby metro stations and medical healthcare. It is well connected to the national highway and a 15 minutes drive to the airport.

3.Emaar MGF metropolis

This venture is a commercial property by Emaar MGF group and is located on MG road, Gurgaon. This location is one of the main localities of Gurgaon. The project offers highly architected office spaces and commercial shops in Gurgaon at very affordable and reasonable prices. This site is in close proximity to various civic amenities. Public transport facility is available here. Best designed entrance and great escalators for easy walking. It has separate waiting lounges and food courts for you to relax.

4.Emaar capital tower

Emaar Capital Tower is one of the elegant commercial development by Emaar MGF Land and Biosphere. It is located on the MG road, Gurgaon. It is thoughtfully constructed and is equipped with all modern facilities as well as basic amenities. It has a unique architectural design with a blend of glass curtain walls, stone cladding, and metal finishing. An integrated landscape design and formal entry drop-off area will thrill you. It has easy connectivity to the airport and national highway. The project offers spacious and skillfully constructed office spaces and retail commercial shops in Gurgaon.

5.Emaar digital green

Emaar digital green is one of the best commercial projects by Emaar. It is located in sector 61, Gurgaon. It offers spacious office spaces and retail outlets. This property is well equipped with all the basic facilities and amenities. It is well designed with aesthetic architecture and bestows you with an integrated lobby. It has sufficient parking space outside and an excellent basement multi-level car parking facility. Each and every section of the building is air-conditioned and is one of the prime attractions to the visitors.

Geetanjali Homestate offers you the best commercial projects in Gurgaon and retail commercial shops in Gurgaon. We bestow you with high quality and top-class facilities all over. You can consider all the above-mentioned commercial properties to grow your business or to buy retail outlets. Geetanjali Homestate presents you with the top class and most elegant commercial properties to grow financially. We believe in customer satisfaction and highly aim to deliver the best to the clients.