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Overview of the Real Estate in 2022

The year 2022 has been very exciting as far as the domain of real estate is concerned and there are multiple reasons for the same. First of all, what has to be understood is that the real estate, immediately after the onslaught of the pandemic had subsided, has raised itself exponentially. A lot of people also felt that the emergence of shop cum offices has made them more comfortable with the idea of experimenting with the domain of real estate in a more comprehensive and liberal manner. A lot of other people believe that because governmental interventions have been found to be extremely constructive in the past few years, people are becoming more excited and more open to the idea of being a part of real estate.

Breaking away from stereotypical modes of investments

In the recent past in 2022, it has been observed that a lot of people have become very avid investors. The primary reason for the same could be their ability to navigate beyond the stereotypical alternatives of investments. The information regarding the investment protocols and the transparency has also increased manifold in the recent past. All of these factors together combine to give the most promising and potent face of real estate.

Growth to be seen in almost every vertical

If the reports are to be believed, the real estate sector has a tremendous growth of more than 65% in Delhi NCR region and this has been made possible primarily on account of the diligence and commitment of the people working in this sector. If you look at the data from a few years back, we will see the people had a lot of speculations and opinions about investing in the real estate market mostly because there weren’t many options, and most of the properties were not quite credible because of the lack of information around them. This problem is being addressed now and we see that because of the emergence of DDJAY plots as well as SCO plots, real estate has something or the other to offer to almost everyone.

Less competition in the market

In 2022, in the major part it has been observed that the sector of cryptocurrencies and the traditional investments in the metals had risen and come down after seeing a mild peak. Real estate has braved all the oddities of time and has stood its ground amid all the adversities, and that is the reason that today people are more than willing to put their hard earned money into the domain of real estate.

High and Promising Returns

Talking about the returns in 2023, we can see the appreciation of the commercial properties to be blooming manifold. In fact, the residential properties in Delhi NCR,Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad are already being contemplated ; a lot of promising projects have already been introduced and work is being done in order to introduce them in the first half of 2023 itself. If this could be made possible, it will paint a very glorious picture of the real estate and it will certainly become unprecedentedly successful in a very short period of time because a lot of foundational work is already being attempted in 2022 itself.

Increase in employability

If the industry experts are to be consulted, it has been affirmed that the real estate sector is going to see a growth of about 8 to 9% in the employability sector as well. If it is going to generate more jobs for the job seekers, it is quite evident that more opportunities and avenues will open up for the people who have been looking forward to investing in real estate. Though there have been certain apprehensions about the mortgage rates being high in the first half of 2022, if you make an advanced investment in the housing market, you will certainly be in a profitable position.

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