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Despite the real estate trends going up and down, investing in property is still the most preferred option for wealth creation. Currently, the real estate investment options in India are more diverse than ever- including both residential and commercial. Commercial real estate has made it to the top of the list of millennial’s most favorite investment options. There are office spaces, retail spaces, food and beverage stores and even the SCO Plots.

Here are a few reasons why commercial real estate looks towards a bright future as an investment instrument.

Rapid Urbanizations Gives Way to a Higher Demand

Seeing the trend in the western countries, India is rapidly adapting to what is going on around the world. Urbanization has already set roots in the metro cities like Delhi/NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai and is now expanding in the Tier-II cities. All of this has led to a higher demand for small office spaces, co-working spaces and also for retail spaces in growing localities. E-commerce companies from around the world are also considering India to be a major market and hence they are trying to set up offices here which again leads to a higher demand for office spaces, warehouses and more. This makes way for higher returns.

Diversity of Options in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property market, which was previously taking the backseat, has now become a wonderful option for investment. A number of real estate developers have launched their commercial properties in some of the most sought-after localities of Delhi/NCR. There are office spaces, shops in malls, serviced apartments and other different types of commercial real estate to invest in. An investor is never left short of options when he starts to look for a property to invest in.

Regularized Real Estate Market and Transparent Dealings

Previously, the real estate market in India was infamous for various things which is why the government had to interfere to make things more regularized and the dealings more transparent. RERA has brought a big change in the industry; REITs have also made things better for the sector.

All in all, the future of commercial real estate in India is bright and the investors can expect good returns from their investments.