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The real estate industry is the most growing industry in the market. This sector has been flourishing over the years and has been proved out to be the biggest platform where foreign investors love to invest.

The success graph of this industry started getting low with the outbreak of coronavirus. Many deals weren’t being closed as offshore investors couldn’t come down to the actual site. This industry couldn’t even set out for work from home unlike any other industry.

The Internet has helped the Real Estate industry by holding it up a bit amid this pandemic, but no matter how realistic a virtual display could be, nothing can be compared to the feel that one could get by being actually present on site.

A country like India where the economy is already struggling, the real estate industry is expected to be a boon for the Indian economy. Indian government supported the sector of Real Industry. In the year 2015, approval of 100 smart city projects was done by the Union Cabinet. Not only this, Foreign Direct Investment FDI were raised for settlements and townships.

With the advent of commercialization, commercial properties too got to experience a boost. “commercial cum residential properties” are now in trend. A draft was released by the government for Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS) in the segment in non-residential properties.

Indirect investment in commercial properties is profitable. The attractive lease rates and longer lease contract help the tenants to join hands with the investors, ultimately benefiting the real estate industry.

Putting resources into commercial property can be rewarding and fill in as a fence against the unpredictability of the financial exchange. Financial specialists can bring in cash through property gratefulness when they sell, however most returns originate from inhabitant rents.