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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Lao Tzu, One of the most celebrated philosophers of the world has altogether put the way how one should proceed with their life goals. Initiation of any goal is harder than actually being in the middle of it.

A Single Step could make a lot of difference Inspired by this quote Mr. Sunil Sisodiya, Managing Director at Geetanjali Homestate has set a milestone and brought the company from where there is no going back. Born and brought up in a city like Agra where kids live only the present holding themselves from dreaming big, Mr. Sunil Sisodiya managed to come out of the crowd and established his name as one of the best real estate experts in the NCR region and the most trusted broker in PAN India.

Mr. Sisodiya has completed his education at DPS Agra. After completing his schooling, he stepped out to the NCR region which was completely a turnover for him. He pursued his graduation and post-graduation from Amity University Noida. During his college days, he developed an understanding of how the Real Estate industry works and how is it beneficial to the country. The Managing Director of Geetanjali Homestate a strong-willed man who happens to balance life with great zeal.

He is hardworking and stays positive. He shares his positivity with every step he takes and nurtures everybody with it. With a clear aim, Mr. Sisodiya heads out to be the real estate icon in the Delhi NCR region. Being an aware citizen of India, Mr. Sunil Sisodiya wants his country, India to become a fully “Developed” nation and leave behind the tag of “Developing”. For that he is contributing in every way possible.

Life Goals

Mr. Sisodiya started up as a consultant himself and now he has set up a whole team of experts to provide the best deals to the clients and investors. Mr. Sisodiya has put all his faith in his team hence the team strives to surpass the expected results every time making Mr. Sisodiya a proud leader of the company. On a broader run, Mr. Sisodiya has a vision of becoming one of the best builders in India so that people could enjoy the best luxury properties by the builders of India. This big project for which the managing director of Geetanjali Homestate is putting all his efforts and time will revolutionaries the Real Estate industry to an extent that the elevation would be for the whole country.

Geetanjali Family

Employees are family, adhering to this, Mr. Sunil Sisodiya has created a lovely family at Geetanjali Homestate. Mr. Sisodiya has a bunch of talented people who are experts in their fields. Work and harmony go together in Geetanjali Homestate and the best part is, Mr. Sisodiya actively participates in activities held by the people of the company. In a week, he schedules a time for his team and has a healthy talk with his people. He appreciates the idea of the open-door policy and anyone in the company, regardless of the designation could reach out to him wherever needed.

How Covid 19 Phase affected Geetanjali Homestate?

Covid 19 has impacted many industries and has disturbed the growth of many companies accompanied by the losses. Geetanjali Homestate under the leadership of Mr. Sunil Sisodiya, managed to keep his team intact and protect the company from losses like a shield. Geetanjali Homestate under the perfect leadership of the managing director was able to continue the work during the pandemic and brought profits to the company.

Mr. Sunil Sisodiya did not let his team face atrocities during this phase, therefore, no deduction in the salaries was experienced by the employees. Mr. Sisodiya with being a true citizen of India cares about the people of India. Geetanjali Homestate supplies food for the people who are in need. Every month, a part of their profits is used for providing necessities to the underprivileged people. Mr. Sisodiya believes in “Growing Together” and supports everything that is in his power.

Awards and Recognition

A series of awards have been given to Geetanjali Homestate due to its never-ending effort and hard work. The series started in the year 2016 when Geetanjali Bagged “Best Appreciation Award” by AMB group. In 2017, Elan Miracle 2017, presented “Best property Seller” to Geetanjali Homestate.

The year 2019 brought a lot of glory and recognition to the company. Elan Epic 2019 presented the “star performer” award to the company. Mr. Sunil Sisodiya is featured in Realty Magazine in the light of “Building Trust and Goodwill in Real Estate”.

Geetanjali Homestate again bagged The Kotler Award for Iconic Achiever 2020 of Real Estate Industry. Satya Group presented the Best Performer 220” to Geetanjali Homestate. This is just the beginning, many more awards and worldwide recognition is what the company aims for.