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Dealing with a property is not a piece of cake. It requires a huge deal of experience, trust and capital. Once a property is undertaken, it is with the person forever. Therefore, there are many doubts and questions running inside the investor’s mind before investing in any property. After investing in one property, the investor would take time to go with another investment to be made even if the investor wants to invest in the other one immediately. To solve this situation, M3M introduces you with M3M PYP, which stands for Port your property.

Exchange Your property or exchange offer could be a better option for the investors who like to invest on the new projects. This scheme has brought an utter revolution in the industry of real estate. Real Estate Gurgaon is expected to flourish a lot under M3M PYP as most of the people have invested in this millennial city Gurgaon. Under the scheme of M3M PYP, the exchange of property could be done easily. There are some points to be noted which would further help you in understanding M3M PYP better. The investors who wish to exchange their property under this scheme should possess any residential or commercial property in Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida (National Capital Region). You could exchange your NCR based property with any M3M property in Pan India.

A minimum disputed amount of 2.5 is to be invested before the possession and remaining amount could be further endowed. Investors could take up this offer as the conditions are appropriate in building trust between the builder and the investor. Under the M3M PYP offer, a 10% application sum is to be given and investors are asked to submit a copy of their property’s legal documents. The original papers are to be kept with M3M during the confirmation of the booking.

M3M not only provides you with the exchange offer but also Offers the Property in Gurgaon that guarantees the profit given for the instalment to the builder that is M3M. Exchange property scheme of M3M has made a sensation in the industry of Real Estate in India and has opened the gateway for many reliable schemes like this one.