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India, a land of various cultures, welcomes each festival that is round the corner. Every year, the festivals in India are celebrated with great pomp and show especially Diwali. Diwali is a festival of lights and is known for unifying each other. With that, festival time is the best time to invest in a property. During festivals, people gather, hug each other, distribute sweets, and firecrackers are burnt. Every year people join hands and enjoy this day together. But this year there is going to be a slight change in the plan!

Diwali 2020 is going to be a different one as Coronavirus precautions are to be taken. This year let’s make Festivals of India more like safe and sparkling. Along with Diwali 2020, Dhanteras and Bhaidooj could also be celebrated with the safety measures of Covid. There is an urgency to understand that Covid 19 is not over yet. We cannot evade festivals either so this year, precaution and happiness would go hand in hand.

Do not neglect to put on your face masks with the ethnic wear. Sweet distribution is the best part of festivals but before doing so, sanitize your hands properly. Firecrackers could be replaced by earthen lamps as India is heavily supporting in house things under its campaign, “Vocal for Local”.

Upcoming festivals like Dhanteras, Diwali, and Bhaidooj are rejoiced all over India. Many people would not be celebrating with their families due to this pandemic. People who are quarantined must acknowledge the vitality of that isolation and take the thorough precautions that could help them to recover before time.

Festival time arrives with excitement and hopes to reunite with your beloved ones. We know that you love your families and would like to be with them during this time of year. If you truly admire with family, their safety should be your priority. This year, we must pledge to take Safety measures of Covid for upcoming festivals for the betterment of the society which would ultimately benefit India.