Commercial Property in India

Commercial real estate investing in one of the most researched, well planned and a very significant way to build financial wealth. the benefits and opportunities available for investments in commercial spaces, could be very momentous. A potential buyer in commercial real estate segment always prefer these things to get the best deals. Real estate as an asset class created wealth but it has its own complexities in terms of higher ticket size, transparency and maintenance among others but commercial real estate requires financial abilities, sufficient market knowledge and longer holding capacity. An investor targets a rental return of at least seven to eight percent on commercial property which is not very easy to leverage on the investment in a commercial property. Buying a commercial space its is important for an investor to prefer a commercial space which is already leased as unleashed commercial space will not provide any returns and moreover it would rather cash drain as investors have to pay maintenance and other property taxes  As investors are in the business of money making and commercial property can definitely have some advantages over residential one. The average rental yield of a good commercial property falls in the range of 6%- 10% If you decide to go for commercial real estate, you will not face high competition, higher product value, cost & lack of experience/knowledge use to keep investors away from commercial real estate. There are so many options available in commercial real estate like retail anchor store,office space,food court, multiplex and many more. We cannot say that one is best among all of these, because every investment has its own benefits according to space, size and other features, it totally depends on your budget and investment criteria.

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