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Office Space, High Street Retail Shop, and Food Court.

Maasters Capitol Avenue

Sector 62, Noida 300 - 6000 Sq.ft. ₹ On Request

Capitol Avenue, Sector 62, Noida


Capitol Avenue, situated in Sector 62 of Noida, is an example of the ingenuity method of commercial real development. The project is led by the highly regarded Maasters Group, renowned for its decades of dedication to excellence in the real estate industry. Capitol Avenue offers a unique combination of contemporary office spaces, commercial shops, and recreation facilities. The ambitious project not only addresses the growing demand for high-tech IT-enabled offices but also offers a wide range of entertainment options. It will provide the residents with a vibrant and exciting environment.

Integrated Commercial Hub

  • Capitol Avenue combines commercial spaces with recreational facilities.
  • A venture of the Maasters Group, known for years of dedication to real estate.

Diverse Entertainment Options

  • It also has a food court, showroom, and entertainment area alongside the most sophisticated IT offices.
  • The goal is to create a stimulating environment that is conducive to working and leisure.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

  • The station is linked with NH 24 highway and Sector 62 Noida metro station.
  • Centrally located, with an easy connection to the remainder of the city, making it easier to commute.

Capitol Avenue - location Map

Architectural Marvel

  • The tower has 21 floors, designed to serve a variety of purposes.
  • Offices that are equipped with high-power and network connectivity.
  • The highest floor is home to an eatery.
  • The uniform design is consistent across floors, has a continuous backup power source, and free high-speed Wi-Fi.

Entertainment and Luxury Amenities

  • Numerous shopping centres on various floors are able to meet a variety of requirements.
  • Showrooms of luxury brands that target the wealthy population within the area Beautiful design and construction on the 10-acre plot draw visitors and professionals.

Security Measures

  • Complete security, with continuous CCTV surveillance.
  • Security checks that are efficient at the entry and exit points increase security
  • The security protocols are multi-layered and instill confidence in customers, store owners, and office workers.

Striking Design and Construction

  • The impressive tower is an example of the architectural excellence of Capitol Avenue.
  • A 10-acre property designed with class and practicality in mind and appealing to a broad public

Amenities for Business and Leisure

  • Power backup
  • Security 24x7
  • Access to public transportation
  • Intercom facilities
  • Visitors and parking for reserved vehicles
  • Restaurant
  • Clubhouse
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Ideal for IT and Retai

Specifically made for IT/ITEs-related projects, food courts, retail shops showrooms, and entertainment zones Connected to the NH-24 Highway in addition to Sector 62 Noida Metro Station, it is close to commercial buildings, offices, data centres, and IT companies. BPOs and MNCs

Capitol Avenue in Noida's Sector 62 was created in collaboration with Maasters Group. It epitomises innovation in commercial real property. It seamlessly blends modern office spaces with leisure spaces, meeting the need for a modern office space that provides a variety of entertainment choices. Centrally located and connected with NH 24 along with Sector 42 Noida metro stations The project will reduce commute difficulties. The 21-floor structure is filled with offices that feature high-tech facilities, a food court, and constant power backup. With luxurious showrooms, extensive security, and a range of leisure and business facilities, Capitol Avenue is an ideal location for retail, IT, and entertainment.

Please contact Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited if you need additional information about the project.

About the builder

Maasters Group Maasters Group has carved a niche for itself within the world of real estate through many years of dedicated service. Capitol Avenue is yet another highlight of their portfolio that is designed with meticulous care and attention to detail, as well as top-of-the-line amenities. The group's leadership with solid business ethics has earned it a reputation and has helped build lasting relationships with investors and customers. The reputation is not just held but also contributed to the group's ability to investigate and create new opportunities with no restrictions.