Bhutani Cyberthum

Sector-140A, Noida

₹ Thirty Five Lakhs Fifty Thousands

550-2462 Sq. Ft

Bhutani Cyberthum Overview

Bhutani Cyberthum redefines the traditional concept of stand-alone work spaces by integrating work with leisure. Built by combining the strengths of well-grounded experience with the dynamic needs of modern times, Bhutani Infra, shall provide you a new era of work culture and futuristic office spaces at the core of Noida. The project offers office space, Entertainment Zone and commercial shops.

Highlights of Bhutani Cyberthum Noida

  • Best commercial project in Noida
  • Best Investment option & Get maximum Return

Features of Bhutani Cyberthum

  • World class road
  • District cooling system
  • Utility tunnel
  • Automatic waste collection system
  • Hydraulic parking


  • Mall in the sky
  • At Cyberthum, shopping will elevate itself to meet theemotional needs of theconsumer
  • Going to the mall will be a technology enabledexperience
  • Everything, from payment platforms to delivery mechanisms will be techenabled