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There are plenty of options in real estate if you are looking to buy a property, you can’t find a shortage of supply in residential & commercial real estate market across india whether it’s under-construction or it’s ready to move in. When it comes to deciding where to invest, there is merit in choosing ready to move in property because when you go for RTM the biggest risk that you can relive of is delay in possession. You are not suppose to wait for the completion of your property & moreover the amenities of the project.

When you buy RTM apartment, you can eliminate the uncertainty about size, space, availability of amenities and quality of construction, you can easily inspect the structure and quality of the finishing as it is important to consider the quality more than anything else. Another major benefit of buying a RTM apartment is that one is completely aware about the neighboring locations and other available infrastructure around the area, like connectivity issues, common public areas, parks, markets, hospitals & schools.By investing in RTM property, you get what you see, it is not based on what is shown in sample flat & elevations.

According to new GST rule, RTM properties do not engage GST which clearly means that one can save 12% GST right there and RTM means you shift right away and save the rent amount as well and if you do not plan of moving in then you can rent it out and start earning, whereas with under construction property, there is always a chance of delay in possession