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In these times of lockdown, a number of people are worried about their investments and its future. Though it may not be the right time to expect any sudden boom at least until the next quarter, it is definitely the right time to think about making a new investment in commercial real estate. Several reasons can be attributed to why this could be a good time for new investors. Let us learn about some of these.

Low Property Rates

This is a time when supply-demand breakthroughs will stand to benefit the investors. As it is, commercial real estate developers have enough supply of units and the demand is low so they are adjusting the prices. You can expect very competitive and significantly low rates of some of the best real estate projects in Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Mumbai and other major markets across the country. Once the economy starts to stabilize, there will be lower chances of such great bargains.

Lowered Repo Rates

The RBI has recently lowered its Repo Rate by 75 Basis Points in order to mitigate the negative impact of COVID-19 on the Indian Economy. This reduction in Repo Rate means that individuals will also be able to avail loans at a lower rate of interest which again fuels the demand for real estate during the lockdown. Great commercial units which you could not afford will now come in your budget as the property rates are lowered and the loan availability is getting better.

Festive Season Deals

Although this festive season is not the same as those in the previous years, developers are desperately trying to reach out to new customers. They are offering immense discounts on the best properties in the name of festive season offers. This is the perfect time for new investors to grab this opportunity.

Technology Helps

Commercial real estate builders are reaching out to their prospective buyers through video conferencing, virtual site visit and several such means. So, even if the investors are locked down in their houses, properties will reach them using the latest technology. Some are also helping the cause of PM Relief Fund by offering donations on behalf of the investors.

So, all of these may not point towards a brighter future for real estate but now is definitely the right time to put your money and reap the benefits when the situation gets better. Those who invest now will see tremendous growth in the value of their investment. Even if they choose to resale their property, the profits are going to be significant.