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Premium Property Choices Urban Elites Delight

When we talk about premium investors, do you wonder who exactly we are talking about? We are not only talking about the wealthy people in India ; we are also talking about NRIs, executives, businessmen and people with static business ideas. These are classified as premium investors because they're willing to be experimental about investing in properties which they know are certainly going to give them great returns in the times to come. Interestingly, buyers coming from business families and start-up founders and top CEOs have been paying as much as 50,00,00,000 INR for residential properties. What needs to be understood here is that the housing sales in Mumbai and Pune had been the highest in four years in 2021 and have actually set up a new record in 2022. If the reports are to be believed, more than 1, 214 residential properties worth more than 20,000 crore, were sold in Mumbai in 2021. In the year 2018 ,this number was only 9872 crores. These figures throw ample light on the status of sales of premium properties in the metropolitan cities of India and their vicinity.

When several expert property consultants were interviewed to understand this trend that has taken over since the last two years, it was observed that large families moving away from India are selling jointly owned residential properties at a faster rate, and that too, at the prime locations. This certainly is driving up the supply of high-value properties in Delhi as it is one of the metro cities where people do prefer luxurious lifestyles if it can be made to adjust in their budgets. If one talks about the ownership, it is understood that the properties are being owned by the elderly or multiple members of the next generation. The people who have substantial opportunities overseas have moved out of the country and have sold their properties that were in India and that is how Indians have a ready access to premium properties. People in India would also prefer to invest in asset classes but are now moving towards investing in properties considering it as a more safer option. An option with lesser risks and more profit in the longer run, so to speak.

Since the housing habits of Delhiites have changed in the recent past, people actually started to take some time out to analyse and strengthen their real estate portfolios and that is how one can see that the sales trend is likely to remain quite active in the latter half of 2022 as well. All of these features together will ultimately strengthen the individual's portfolio and the country's economy. If you’re also somebody who has been always looking for an opportunity to buy a premium property but could not find a right occasion or a right platform, this is the time for you to get in touch with Geetanjali Homestates Private Limited and you know all about existing deals before it’s too late! Connect with us now and explore the rendezvous of being the elite owner of the hottest and the most desirable premium properties in demand lately! Don't worry about being unaware about the opportunities and the risks as Geetanjali Homestates Private Limited is here to give you the best consultancy and the best advice!