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M3M Oxygen

M3M Group has launched a series of exciting offers in Gurugram aka Gurgaon with the name of M3M Oxygen. This exciting offer is available on the purchase of various residential as well as commercial projects in Gurgaon. Let's know more about this maha offer and see what they have to offer to Gurugram people.

About M3M Group

M3M Group is one of the leading real estate companies in India; which bestows you with quality and comfortable spaces together with the best offers. Also, M3M perfects the modulations for luxury and architecture to enhance the best-tailored buildings for you.

In less than a decade M3M has emerged as the prime real estate developer for both commercial and residential buildings, providing you with the desired class and innovation being at the core of its delusion.

The M3M group has launched a plethora of iconic projects to enhance the way of living with leisure and joy. M3M aims to make Gurgaon a millennium city.

Oxygen Offer at Gurugram -

In these difficult situations of COVID, where this pandemic has already hit us hard, everyone wants a secure and safe investment. Real estate is the best available option for you, but the question arises that whom to rely on? So while investing in Gurgaon, M3M has the best offers and opportunities for you.

Not every real estate developer delivers you the same as you expected or shown before, but M3M is one of the honest and quality efficient real estate developers which bestows you the same and more advanced project as promised.

In today’s date M3M is the king of the real estate in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR, currently boasting 18 deluxe M3M residential projects in Gurgaon and 16 flourishing M3M commercial projects in Gurgaon.

M3M Oxygen Doses

M3M brings you an exclusive and the biggest offer of the year 2021, M3M Oxygen. They come with a lucrative once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest your funds safely with exciting offers. M3M oxygen mainly comprises of five doses-

Dose 1 - Book your property in just 1 lakh

This exciting and overwhelming offer or the first dose of M3M oxygen brings you the chance to book your property in just 1 lakh. What else you wish for when you can just enjoy the booking of your property in just one lakh.

We offer you such a small investment in our under-construction properties, paving a way for you to enjoy your own space of happiness.

Dose 2 - 11x your money in one day

The second dose of M3M Oxygen Gurugram is 11x your money in one day. This is the best and the most efficient offer you were looking for. Through this offer, you can make your 1 lakh count as 11 lakh while booking our property.

Also, this offer or dose helps you 11x your money in one day, enhancing you with the most profitable deal of the year. This offer is valid for up to 30 days.

Dose 3 - 25:75 payment plan

This exciting offer or third dose of M3M oxygen assures you easy payments in the ratio of 25 to 75. You can pay only 25%, the rest on possession. Under this scheme, you can enjoy easy 25% payments, and the rest you can afterward, applicable on ready-to-move and under constructed properties both.

This is perfectly compatible with our investment, allowing us to easily pave our way to enjoy the pride of the ownership and enjoy our home of happiness.

Dose 4 - Get 2x Rental

Through this exciting offer i.e. the fourth dose of M3M oxygen, buyers can get 2x rentals of the loan rate till possession. Like when you take a loan on your residential or your commercial properties at 6% and 8% respectively.

Then you can avail upto 12% to 16% assured rental on your desired loan rate every month till possession. This offer assures you your interest in your funds with a convenient gain.

Dose 5 - 3 years lease Guarantee

This major offer or the fifth dose of M3M oxygen guarantees you with minimum 3 years lease on different projects in Gurugram so that you do not need to overthink any ready to move or under-construction property. The amount of lease varies from project to project.

M3M Oxygen is applicable on the following projects:

M3M oxygen offers these doses to make your life easier making it applicable to all M3M commercial projects in Gurgaon and M3M residential projects in Gurgaon. Some of the major m3m projects are-

1. M3M 65th Avenue:

M3M 65th Avenue is one of the ravishing commercial projects located in sector 65, Gurgaon. This project offers an electric mix of retail and residential space to investors.

Furthermore, this property is a perfect blend of atheistic architectures and lean designs, offering you a deluxe space for your living. M3M 65th Avenue is strategically located in a prime location, bestowing you all the civic and basic facilities.

Together with this, you can walk through the complex paths using well-designed escalators and beautifully connecting bridges.

M3M Corner Walk:

M3M Corner Walk is also one of the splendid commercial projects located in sector 74, Gurgaon. This project offers modern trendy outlets or spaces for your office works or retail shops.

This property is constructed on the concept of providing you mixed-use spaces from F&B outlets to residential towers. This property is built on the cornerstone mixed-use property concept.

It comprises open to sky courtyards and also has a 24 hours power backup. M3M Corner Walk has plenty of location advantages too. This property is designed for next-generation spaces for office and retail outlets.

M3M Prive 73:

M3M Prive 73 is again another stunning commercial property located in sector 73, Gurgaon. This property is 5 levels stacked structured, offering the best commercial spaces with a perfect blend of retail shops and F&B outlets.

The artistic architecture and top-notch design attract the clients effectively. As well as the floors here have a double-height ceiling and are lined with marvelous glasses. Its location offers a lot of advantages to the property owners.

M3M Broadway:

M3M Broadway is one of the elegant commercial projects located in sector 71, Gurgaon. This highly luxurious property offers immaculate commercial spaces high street retail outlets to F&B and gyms.

This property is sprawled over 7 acres of land and bestows a grand entry for the unparalleled shopping experience. M3M Broadway is deliberately located in a prime location to provide you flawless connectivity.

In the end, raise the oxygen levels of your investment through the M3M Oxygen offer, this is one of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for you. For more required information contact Geetanjali Homestate at 9891240000.

Please read T&C before the deal.