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List of 20 luxury properties in Delhi/NCR

One thing that is never out of trends is luxurious lifestyles and luxurious properties. Luxurious properties are not only defined by their stylish architecture, but they are a sum total of exquisite designs, a comforting ambience and a competent host of services - all singularly dedicated towards enriching your experience of owning an enviable luxurious property. The market today is flourishing with competent and promising opportunities and hence it is extremely difficult to figure out the best deal for you. However you need not worry because we are here to present you with twenty most luxurious properties in Delhi/NCR for you to choose yours from in 2022!

Situated gloriously in Moti Nagar, Delhi, this area encompasses 2750-3000 Square feet of area with an unparalleled finesse in terms of architectural execution and construction insights. It has 2,3 as well as 4 BHK available at 3.20 Cr as its starting point. This place can boast of scenic beauty and unmatched royal touch.

2.The Leela Sky Villas

New Patel Nagar's major attraction, The Leela Sky Villas are gorgeously erected in the middle of the city with towering floors and resplendent interiors. It's expansive area of 2306-9773 Square feet, combined with a package of 3,4,5 and 8 BHK @5.7Cr is a lucrative property bonanza! The delight of the elite people, this vociferous property shall surely be amongst the top favorites of tycoons on 2022.

3.Trump - Towers

Gurgaon is an indomitable hub of all things luxurious and extravagant. It is therefore definitely not surprising that one of the most strikingly popular properties of the present times, i. e. Trump Towers, is located in Gurgaon itself. It is amazingly captivating to see this amazingly scenic tower shining bright in the middle of the town, dimming the light of everything that is mediocre around it.

4.M3M- Golf Estate

M3M - Golf Estate is synonymous with everything that is worth a second glance and for all the right reasons. Sector - 65, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon can boast of being a ground for ons of the most impeccably structured properties of all times. For the people preferring style and elegance over superficial bliss, it is an ideal spot to own and be in.

5.Lutyens Bungalow Zone

indubitably one of the finest post locations in the Capital City of India, Lutyens Bungalow Zone manifests in itself an aura that is hard to resist. One of the favourites of the business tycoons and potential industrialists of all times, Lutyens is a lush area with impeccable services. If you are somebody who admires peace and tranquillity , you must definitely explore this home of grand five star hotels, which also happens to be one of the most expensive residential areas of all time.

6.DLF One Middletown

Situated gloriously in Moti Nagar, Delhi, this area encompasses 2750-3000 Square feet of area with an unparalleled finesse in terms of architectural execution and construction insights. It has 2,3 as well as 4 BHK available at 3.20 Cr as its starting point. This place can boast of scenic beauty and unmatched royal touch.

7.DLF - Kings Court

This magnificent as well as superlative property is located in Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi. You will instantly fall in love with this property that speaks of its splendour with its each brick. It is surrounded with premium market spaces that are adjacent to the dominant entertainment spaces of the locality of The size of the property can be ascertained on request and files can also be configured manually.

8.Godrej - South Estate

If there is one place that Okhla, Phase 1, New Delhi can be known for, it certainly has to be a scenic property called Godrej South Estate. It's awe inspiring architecture, a vast area of 2753-3851 Square feet and availability of 3 and 4 BHK @5.79 Cr provides an offer that anyone with business analytical skills wouldn't turn a blind eye to. Aesthetically appealing and Architecturally robust, you have to agree that this is an ideal property that balances luxury and pragmatism well.

9.Risland Sky Mansion

As its name itself suggests, Risland Sky Mansion embodies regal culture like no other property in its vicinity. It's green surroundings, infused with pastoral vibes, are an absolute recourse for anyone with a taste for the premium lifestyle that is as simple as it is significant. 2022 can be all about exploring more about this captivating property with 3283-11132 Square feet of an area and with 3 and 4 BHK @5.99 Cr. ownership opportunity.

10.DLF Camellias

Located in DLF Phase 5,Gurgaon, DLF - Camellias can be termed as an excellent work of art, equipped with all kind of necessities, to make it realistically a dependable property. With the capacity of being one of the most sought after property of all times, DLF - Camellias is known for its efficacious ability to enchant one and all with its splendid aura. Its size and cost are quite competent and do have a promising future in terms of investments in 2022!

11.Paras - Quartier

Paras - Quartier in Gwal Pahari is one of the finest property is located in Gurugram. Ever since its establishment, it has always managed to garner all the eyeballs for the right reasons. Its simplicity speaks for itself and the way in which mindful engineers have intelligently designed its interior is laudable. It covers an area of about 6000 square feet ans has 4 BHK arrangement entailed within its deals. Accessible at S@8.5 Cr, this enviable property is going to ring bell with all the investors who do not wish to compromise with the quality.

12.Grand Hyatt Residences /h4>

What is modern in its outlook and extremely traditionally rich in terms of its ideology? If your guess is Grand Hyatt Residential property, then you are precisely correct. Abiding strictly by the principles of quality, integrity and comfort, Grand Hyatt residential property is expanded in the area of 4625 square feet. Cresting Sector 58, Golf Course extension Road, Gurgaon, this property has won the heart of multiple professionals and laymen alike and it is surely ready to rule the canvas of luxurious properties in 2022 as well!

13.M3M - St. Andrews

Refered as the realm of exquisite properties, M3M - St. Andrews is indefatigable when it comes to combining vision with reality. Highly advanced infrastructure, fully equipped with all the lavish facilities of all times, M3M - St. Andrews has an area of 9982 Square feet in Sector 65, Gold Course Extension Road, Gurgaon. With 4&5 BHK @9.50 Cr, it is one of the most vividly configured properties in Delhi/ NCR

14.DLF - Magnolias

Nobody can question the value of DLF - Magnolias when it comes to talking about formidably luxurious properties of all times. With attraction galore and sufficient space to rejuvenate as well as to operate professionally, it wouldn't be exaggeration to call this 6500-10400 square feet property a paradise to be in.

15.Vipul - Aarohan

Delhi can rake pride in its vicinity with Gurugram NCR as that is where the rich flavour of life can be fully experienced in its entirety. Vipul - Aaraohan, a 2025-2950 square feet, compact but spacious property is an open testimony to the same. 3BHK@3.25 Cr. is what it assures confidently and it is certainly a good investment to make in 2022 with lucrative returns.

16.Tata - Primanti

If you've ever been to Sohna Road's Sector 72, chances are scarce that you've not been smotten by the alluring charisma of Tata - Primanti. Its lush green environ, complented well with the modern day facilities, is to be vouched for. Covering an area of 7000-8500 Square feet, this 4&5 BHK @5.50 Cr. stupendous property is going to get the town talking for all the right reasons!

17. Mahindra Liminare

When you go to Gurugram's Sector 59 and as you pass through Golf Course Extension Road, the premium luster of Mahindra Luminare is sure to keep you affixed and dazzled for a good while. 2020 is all about amazing revolutions at Mahindra Luminare, with 2985-4887 Square feet of area, presents the same wave of transformation in the way real estate properties are envisaged.

18.Central Park - Sky Villas

Sector - 48,Sohna Road, Gurugram is where you find the destination to one of the most beautifully and artistically created properties in Delhi. Covering 5710-8750 Square feet of area, Central Park Sky Villas exhumes the pinnacle of richness in terms of desire for exuberance. With an offer of 3,4 and 5 BHK@9.7Cr, this is going to make some noise in 2022!

19.M3M Latitude

M3M Latitude is one of the best projects in Delhi and all the time and money that has gone down in its design and execution has definitely not gone down in drain. It claims an area of 2499-2982 square feet and does entire justice to the idea of perfection in its own idiosyncratic ways.

20.Ireo - Gurgaon Hills

When you've witnessed the best once, you tend to develop taste and a non compromising attitude towards everything you consequentially invest your thoughts and money in. Ireo in Gurgaon, Gwal Pahari is a live instance of such exclusive designing that make you fall for it instantly. With 4 and 5 BHK @5 14 Cr, this luxurious property of Gurgaon won't make you think twice before investing in it.

21.Ambience - Catriona

Ambience Catriona has the best ambience and and this is not debatable for sure. Sector 24 DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon is deservingly known for this 6700 to 13000 square feet area that is as spellbounding as it is expansive. It has a mist of style and tradition infused in it and anyone with an eye for detail cannot miss out noticing its promising prospects in 2022.

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