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Corporate Investments in your mind? -Noida is the way to go

For many decades now, Gurugram has been up-scaling its levels in terms of how the corporate Real Estate sector is supposed to bloom. However, of late, the trends seem to have changed. In the last few years, people have shown a decided inclination towards Noida Market location in order to make trier corporate investments. While one obvious reason could be of course the higher prices and poorer infrastructures in certain localities of Gurugram, some investors are customers just wish to have an experimental flair and now want to explore the hidden nuggets of Noida as well. Another important reason could be traffic jam issues in Gurugram that truly gets down on one’s nerves. For many years now, some trends could be observed and the reasons for this growling popularity of Noida is worth exploring. If you are also someone who wishes to make some compelling decisions as far as your investments in Real Estate, we have got some factors tailored for you!

1.Cheaper Land

Of course, there are multiple reasons for this tendency towards Noida. One of the most important reasons is the availability of cheaper land. It certainly is a good idea to start with more pocket friendly investments if you are new to the dominant of real estate. Also, one thing that fascinates one and all about the Real Estate establishes in Noida is the Planning of Big IT Parks, SEZ and Planned IT sectors. Interestingly, hotshots in the industries like TCS, Infosys, IKEA, Samsung have become amenable to the idea of big office or setup in Noida. As a result, more IT companies and corp orates from different businesses are looking for office spaces near Noida Expressway. No doubt, if this trend continues to allure the buyers, Noida is going to bloom very fast and very soon!

2. Near Jewar Airport: the bright and the right focus

As the new Jewar Airport is about to be introduced in its full aplomb, companies are now focusing on new offices, ware houses land, factory land in Noida. Noida expressway is one of the most sought after destination for offices for numerous corp orates for all the right reasons. Projects like Assotech Business Cresterra,Advant Nevis,Bhutani Alphathum ,Skymark One,Ats Bouquet and Express Trade Towers are the most trendy corporate For Office Space on lease in Noida.

3. Vicinity to Delhi NCR (Capital of India) is a Win- Win factor

While taking into account the business Hub of Delhi/NCR and its nearby religions, nobody can certainly avoid the significance of connectivity to Capital of India. Noida City as an IT hub, has , time and again, proven its importance as far as the factor of returns is concerned. An office investment in Noida and Greater Noida is also deemed as a very potent option for the start ups and there are no questions about why you must not be looking at its dimensions while trying to take a call that can give your commercial aspirations a golden touch.

4. Leed Certified Commercial Office Spaces? Why Not?

People go for properties that have some potential imbibed in it. Now-a-Days ,Companies are looking for quality space for their corporate offices at a competent level and they do not mind investing in lands that have some certifications associated with it. They need large office space floor plates for reaping a higher return on investments and serve them for a longer time. As a result, the demand for Leed Certified commercial spaces, is increasing day by day. This will create more investment opportunities for REIT, institutional and small funding in commercial real estate market in Noida and shall as a result, enable investors to get higher returns on Investments. No wonder, people today are getting smarter with their choices so it is only practical for the Noida Market to get its properties verified to stay on the top of the game.

5. Hybrid Work Culture

Due to Covid 19 Pandemic, in the last two years, we have seen new culture of work from home and online work of operation, with little or no apparent difficulties. Corp-orates considered work from home culture is a new normal and assumed to stay for a long but that however is not the case. Hybrid work culture therefore means having an office space near to spaces with great connectivity and Noida does qualify on this parameter.

Due to all these reasons and MANY MORE, we said so- NOIDA IS THE WAY TO GO!