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Have you ever thought of going to a peaceful place so that you could spend valuable time with your family without any interference from city life, but at the same time, you want that peaceful place to be in the middle of the city?
Your dreams of having a place like that could be accomplished as Raheja is providing you with Raheja Riyasat Hills in Gurgaon. Riyasat Hills would be one of its kind plans as it would be providing you with the best features of a luxurious farmhouse that would make you and your kids stay near to nature and the rural life that people are forgetting with time. With that, you would be getting easy access to everything fresh just like poultry, dairy, and many more. Raheja Farmhouse is a project that is worth investing in as it is perfectly splendid in every way possible.

Highlights and Amenities offered by Riyasat Hills Gurgaon

  • Riyasat Hills Gurgaon is breathtakingly India's first 100% self-maintained farming and cultivating Community.
  • Raheja Farmhouse would give you Milk Products, Apiculture, Poultry, and fishery which isn't that effectively accessible living in a city.
  • As this property is within the city, security and management will be given.
  • Farming and Cultivating would be for the sake of entertainment as well as would add on to your everyday movement living in Riyasat Hills.
  • Raheja Riyasat Hills Sector 95 B could give you all your daily requirements of new greens and whites and meats legitimately from a source that excessively unadulterated.
Location Advantages of Raheja Hills Sector 95 B
  • One of the most celebrated interstates in Gurgaon, Dwaraka Expressway is only 10 minutes from Raheja Hiyasat Hills.
  • Sultanpur National Park and Bird Sanctuary take simply 10 minutes to reach from Raheja Hills Gurgaon.
  • From Indira Gandhi Internation Airport, Delhi, the time taken to reach Riyasat Hills is only 20 minutes.