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Working and earning money is the ultimate goal of any person. No matter how intelligent a person is, he or she would be judged if they are unemployed. Unemployment has shown a great deal of appraisal from the year 2015, 2020 being the peak of it. With the announcement of this pandemic, many people experienced job losses as a total shutdown held in the many companies. People are forced to go back home and try their luck in other companies. Pandemic has really shaken the life of the people to the core by snatching the jobs from them which has increased the rate of unemployment.

Many companies did not fear the harmful effects of Covid 19 and continued the effective working with proper working hours for employees. Since the transportation system is also at halt, employees could not attend their offices on time, making either employer fire them or employees quitting the job for their own sake. Companies that used to promise and provide with the job security of the employees, are now in the process to secure itself. Due to huge losses, the companies eventually shut themselves down, making employees unemployed. This thereby increases the number of people who are jobless.

Alternatives to run the companies are suggested and work from home is one of those options. Though it is helping in making the company’s progress stagnant, it is causing problems to the employees. Employees are asked to work more than 9 hours and are given a lot of workload with the deadlines that are impossible to meet. This is making an employee lose his or her control, ultimately signing the letter of resignation. Jobless people are increasing this way too.

Last but not the least, even after working more than 9 hours with a dreadful workload, employees are not getting paid on time. The full salary amount is not being credited in their salary accounts which makes an employee doubt the company. Some of those employees sign the resignation and add on to the number of Jobless people raising unemployment in India.