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Real estate market in India is depending by many factors like location, demographics, government policies, and loan interest rates. Similarly, information technology is another factor that has play vital role in real estate market. In the Modern Era digital technology, with the help of smart phones, tab, Laptop and Digital marketing technology, Project searching process has become much easier.
Many real estate firms are adding technology to next level by providing virtual tours of potential buyers to save time and cost. The virtual tour experience is almost equal to visiting a property.

Exploring New Areas Using Digital Tools:

In the real estate sector, right from design, layout, concept to construction, technology is opening the way.
“Technology gives option people to search homes and stays without having to go around physically. The ease it has brought to the real estate market in the past 5 years is great to observe. As provider’s facilities for the mobile savvy generation, we depend on technology and innovation to give us the edge. Being able to explore new areas, tricks and marketing techniques using digital tools (Tab) and advanced marketing applications (Web chat, Whatsapp).

Advanced Process Modeling Systems Will See a Great Impact

Surely, with the help of online services, the buyers will get a more realistic view of a property. Also, technology will further bring transparency to the market.

“Mr. Sunil Sisodiya” feels Better market technology, social engineering and advanced process modeling systems, sales channels and customer profiling will see a great impact in real estate sector with the increased use of technology

Virtual House Hunting

Indian property continues to be a ‘touch-and-feel’ marketplace in which personal site visits . Geetanjali Homestate emphasized providing customers with a virtual tour of various options, be it under-construction property for purchase.
“online home festivals, a regular feature of leading property advisers , have an entirely new and convenient way for customers within nearest city and outside India to handled up their available options while simultaneously benefiting from spot deals, offers, and discounts

Predictive Analysis to Real Estate Market

Most important thing is tech-driven evolution and analysis of market, that will change the face of Indian property consulting industry. Most of firm in india not to improved and use of predictive analytics.
“Such sales process will be able to accurately target customers with the exact kinds of properties they are looking to buy, as like shopping portals are already personalized ‘wish-lists’ of item, so in real estate people have expressed an interest in booking online.