Geetanjali Homestate in association with Milestone Ventures brings you a blockbuster commercial investment at 32nd Avenue Milestone that too with a masterstroke offering of "Dream London".

Yes! You got it right. An investment that fulfills your dream of London.

Wow! You got to be in a win-win situation with this investment at 32nd Milestone. But before that, you need to think about the property and the pros & cons.

Why invest in the 32nd Milestone.

  • Most happening place of the NCR.
  • Ready to Move Property
  • Earn Rental from First Day
  • King of ROI in Commercial Investment.
  • Sense of Italy, US, UK & Japan
  • Zealous shopping destination.
  • India's first GRIHA certified commercial property.
  • Most Voguish destination of NCR.
  • An Opus for your blockbuster commercial investing
  • One-stop Destination for peer & pals, Family & lollies

Further at 32nd Milestone, milestone ventures have delivered 2.4 acres of marquee commercial, retail, co-working, and office spaces, aiming to create synergistic community spaces for urban India. Also, Milestone Ventures enjoys bringing in new age firsts to the country.

Whether that may be:

  • The first automatic bowling alley in Asia,
  • The first microbrewery in India,
  • The world’s longest dance party in world,
  • The largest platform for booking holiday homes in India,
  • The first private beach development in India.

In addition to the above, their commitment to building products that modernize the urban landscape for India remains a consistent theme in all endeavors, and with the same aspiration they able to make India proud by producing “India's first GRIHA certified commercial property.

32nd Avenue Milestone, situated in Sector 15 Gurgaon is a well-known masterpiece landmark as it standing strong since the year 1990. Moreover, with passing time, changes have been accepted by this commercial property be it in amenities, design, or the name itself. 

32nd Milestone is now known as “32nd Avenue”.

Truly, this commercial property has its charm and authenticity that makes it stand out from the crowd. Besides this, the property facilitates the best amenities that one could ever get and this is the reason why the 32nd milestone has been awarded the title of “Best Food/Entertainment Hub” in Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2020, 17th Edition.

Also, Gurgaon being a millennial city is helping boost the popularity of 32nd Avenue. This commercial property has a lot to offer to the people living in this city. In the same way, we have bought you with masterstroke offering, with the “DREAM LONDON” offer.

Masterstroke Investment on NH-8, Sector 15 Gurgaon.

  • Firstly, The Ready to use the property.
  • Secondly, Free Registry
  • Thirdly, Pay 35% & get 100% rentals from the Very First Day.
  • Then, OFFERING 6years Rentals as upfront.
  • Then, BIG area Discount. 9X Area Discount.
  • And, An investment to be King of ROI.
  • Also, 9x your money in a day.
  • Exit any time with 20% extra within a week.

Some more offerings are mentioned below in the form of highlights and amenities.

  • 32nd Milestone situated in Gurgaon fondly presents the crafts such as Wood enumerating, cast iron, and stone cutting.
  • The section of Food and Beverages has been widely brought into the modification and more restaurants and cafes have been built.
  • Also, 32nd Avenue Milestone Gurgaon manages to keep the vintage vibes keep going with the flow.
  • In fact, the metalwork of the 32nd milestone is done by the world-famous fabricator specialist Andy Thornton and lighting and facade to New York-based firm AWA Lighting.
  • Then, proper and scheduled sanitization is being done to ensure safety.
  • This commercial property enhances the scope for office spaces, retail shops, and cafes.

The Investors are provided the preleased shops on 30 years lease with so many more promising opportunities in the upcoming future. The Galleries perfectly Accessorize the traditional look of 32nd Avenue. The galaxy will complement the F&B in 32nd Avenue and shopping in The Galleries by adding 250,000 square feet of big-box retail, entertainment, cinema, and co-working spaces. NRI’s are in rush to avail this offer as for them it’s a homely feeling like Paris Millan, Italy, US, UK Japan.

With 174000, Sqft of the curated high street, 32nd Avenue is an F&B and Entertainment Hub, which also provides a platform for new and innovative brands to showcase their products. “Sandhouse Café” is all about delicious food and great vibes!  Also, “Mallacca” – Malaysian Kitchen Experience the rich culinary heritage of southeast Asia with the best Malaysian / Singaporean & Indonesian delicacies only here.“Potbelly Divine”, a well-known Bihari cuisine restaurant recently launched The Potbelly Divine in Gurgaon.

Some more of brands operating in 32nd Avenue are mentioned below to let you feel the sense of vibes prevailing inn

  • Piano Man
  • Starbucks
  • RYU
  • Greenr Café
  • CAD Café
  • Melt House
  • Mala Abkari
  • Como Pizza
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Carnatic Café and many more

This Dream London offer is going to provide you an opportunity to dip your all fingers in clarified butter, “Desi Ghee” as you are getting a Blockbuster Investment with Masterstroke opportunity at NH8, Sector 15 Gurgaon, the very prime location, and of course, an opportunity to “TRIP To London”.

On the whole, Be proud to invest in the most happening place with profitable opportunities and increase the ratio of ROI. Be a smart investor and avail of the offering Asap.  As this once-in-a-lifetime offer is valid only till 21st April.

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