Bhutani Cyberthum

Sector-140A, Noida 550-2462 Sq. Ft ₹ 35.5 Lakh *

Bhutani Cyberthum Overview

Bhutani Cyberthum redefines the traditional concept of stand-alone work spaces by integrating work with leisure. Built by combining the strengths of well-grounded experience with the dynamic needs of modern times, Bhutani Infra, shall provide you a new era of work culture and futuristic office spaces at the core of Noida. The project offers office space, Entertainment Zone and commercial shops.

Being the tallest commercial tower in North India, Cyberthum by Bhutani Groups is indubitably the most enviable commercial project in India. Posited elegantly at the heart of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, this magnificent commercial property manifests within itself luxury and grandeur that is hard to resist. Narrating your rich lifestyle and echoing your desire to own a lucrative property with glorious interior designing, this property ranks among-st one of the most sought after properties for all the right reasons. Balancing beauty with enterprise, Cyberthum by Bhutani group is well-connected to the Greater Noida Expressway and is just a few minutes drive away from the upcoming India’s largest airport. Fully equipped with advanced facilities and an enamouring array of amenities, Bhutani’s history testifies its current marketability. They are not only famous for delivering quality services within the stipulated timeline, but are also known for adopting a customer- friendly approach. What makes it stand out from the competitive properties is its adherence to RERA guidelines and its correspondence with international standards as far as the quality of the services is concerned.

With India gradually emerging as one of the most fortified and consolidated economic centres as far as the ability to encapsulate international trade is concerned, properties like Cyberthum by Bhutani Groups become even more promising. Awe inspiring styling, global touch to the interfaces and an impeccable sense of organisation and arrangement of the commercial undertakings make this Real Estate giant i.e. Cyberthum by Bhutani Groups as the potential future of investors in India and abroad. This rapidly expanding company can already boast of high Investor Satisfaction metrics and that is a sum total of the staff’s diligence and determination to offer you nothing less than the best.

Highlights of Bhutani Cyberthum Noida

  • It is rightly considered to be North India's tallest commercial Tower.
  • ranked amongst 50 level iconic Tower
  • it can boast of containing all India's largest musical fountain.
  • Something unheard of, unseen of - mall in the sky-can be found here.
  • It has lead Platinum certified building.
  • Helipad and sufficient parking facilities are its highlights
  • Distinct zones for distinct work mode and it is a very innovative idea introduced by Cyberthum by Bhutanis.
  • In addition to these highlights, it also has a utility tunnel and advanced water management system.
  • - It can also boast of having an Automated Waste Collection System and Fire Station with Emergency Response Centre
  • Additionally, it has power ensuring 99.99% power reliability
  • With a multiple car parking system, Cyberthum is definitely a favourite of the town.

Location Advantages of Cyberthum by Bhutanis

  • Interestingly, Cyberthum is only 30 minutes away from the upcoming Jevar International Airport and has a distance of 55 km from the IGI Airport.
  • There is a straight stretch connecting Noida and Delhi, and this project in consideration is only 2 minutes away from the prime location of Central in South Delhi.
  • Cyberthum is only at 2 minutes distance from Noida Sector 137 Metro station and shares the same distance from CBT.
  • One of the greatest location advantages of Cyberthum is its connectivity to several MNC's like KPMG, Infosys Campus, Samsung, Accenture and TCS.

Features of Bhutani Cyberthum

  • World class road
  • District cooling system
  • Utility tunnel
  • Automatic waste collection system
  • Hydraulic parking


  • Mall in the sky
  • At Cyberthum, shopping will elevate itself to meet theemotional needs of theconsumer
  • Going to the mall will be a technology enabledexperience
  • Everything, from payment platforms to delivery mechanisms will be techenabled
About the Developers : Bhutani Group

One of the most experienced masterminds in the domain of the Real Estate sector, Bhutani Group is known for their ability to come up with projects that are realistic as well as idealistic at the same time. Cyberthum happens to be an amalgamation of lavish lifestyle and comfortable living. There is no doubt that it is going to become the beat of the city in no time.

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